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HMS Aberdeen - World Naval Ships Directory

HMS Aberdeen

Name : HMS Aberdeen
Laid Down : 12th June 1935
Launched : 22nd January 1936
Completed : 17th September 1936
Type : Sloop
Class : Grimsby
Builder : Devonport
Country : UK
Pennants : L97, U97
Fate : Sold for scrap 16th December 1948.

Aberdeen was fitted for use as despatch vessel during construction, and was used by the Commander-in-Chief of the Mediterranean Fleet up until the outbreak of World War II.

On 3 September 1939 Aberdeen was recalled to the UK and deployed with the 1st Escort Division of Western Approaches Command for convoy escort duty in the English Channel and the Southwest Approaches, based at Plymouth. In May 1940 her pennant number was changed from L97 to U97. In June, after the Fall of France, Atlantic convoy traffic was routed further north, and Aberdeen was transferred to Rosyth to escort of convoys in the North Sea and Northwest Approaches. In November she was transferred to the Liverpool Sloop Division for Atlantic convoy escort duty. In June 1941 she was transferred to the 41st Escort Group based at Derry for the defence of convoys between the UK and Freetown. In early 1942 Type 271 radar and HF/DF direction finding equipment was fitted. In October Aberdeen escorted military convoys to Gibraltar in preparation for the landings in North Africa ("Operation Torch"), and on 8 November was deployed off Oran in support of the landings. At the end of the year Aberdeen was refitted at a Tyne shipyard, and the "Hedgehog" anti-submarine mortar was fitted. Aberdeen returned to duty in March 1943, joining the 40th Escort Group and sailing to St. John's, Newfoundland, where she formed part of the escort for Convoy HX229A to the UK. On the return voyage she saw four days of action in the largest convoy battle of the war, as the convoy was continually attacked by U-boats of three "wolfpacks". Aberdeen sustained some damage to her hull by running into ice. After repairs at Liverpool, and the fitting of Type 291 radar and VHF radio communications, Aberdeen was sent to Freetown in June to join West African Command for coastal convoy and local escort duties, not returning to the UK until April 1944. In May another refit was begun, and she sailed to HM Dockyard Bermuda for further work. Repairs were finally completed, and she returned to Freetown in September

fter VE Day on 8 April 1945 Aberdeen remained at Freetown for local patrol and air sea rescue duties until August, before sailing to Gibraltar to be put into the Reserve. Aberdeen was placed on the Disposal List at the end of 1946. She was towed to Devonport, and sold to the British Iron and Steel Company (BISCO) on 16 December 1948 for breaking-up by Thos W Ward at Hayle, Cornwall, arriving there on 19 January 1949

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HMS Aberdeen, May 1937.

Timeline Entries :

12th June 1935 - Laid down at Devonport Dockyard (Plymouth,U.K.): Thornycroft (Southampton, U.K.)
22nd January 1936 - Launched
22nd January 1936 - Pennant L97
15th September 1936 - Cdr. C.H. Duffett Assumed Command
15th September 1936 - Commissioned at Plymouth
17th September 1936 - Commissioned
27th September 1936 - Commissioned at Devonport
27th September 1936 - Cdr. C. H. Duffett in Command
7th October 1936 - Arrived Aberdeen
12th October 1936 - Sailed Aberdeen
15th October 1936 - Arrived Plymouth
26th October 1936 - Sailed Plymouth
26th October 1936 - Sailed Plymouth
5th November 1936 - Arrived Malta
17th March 1937 - Arrived Phillipeville
25th March 1937 - Arrived Gibraltar
8th April 1937 - Arrived Marseille
8th April 1937 - Arrived Marseilles
19th April 1937 - Arrived Barcelona
26th April 1937 - Sailed Palma for Gibraltar
28th April 1937 - Arrived Gibraltar
19th June 1937 - Arrived Gibraltar and sailed for Malta
20th June 1937 - Sailed Gibraltar for Malta
28th June 1937 - Arrived Malta
29th June 1937 - Sailed Malta for Gibraltar
10th July 1937 - Arrived Gibraltar
18th July 1937 - Sailed Gibraltar for Valencia
11th January 1938 - Arrived Corfu
9th April 1938 - Arrived Malta
27th April 1938 - Sailed Malta for Zante
29th July 1938 - Arrived Gruz
5th December 1938 - Sailed Marseilles for Malta
7th January 1939 - Detached from Convoy OG.13F
11th January 1939 - Arrived and Sailed Catania for Corfu
19th January 1939 - Arrived Gulf of Arta
22nd January 1939 - Arrived Malta
22nd January 1939 - Arrived Malta
1st March 1939 - Sailed Malta
3rd March 1939 - Arrived Elba
7th March 1939 - Sailed Elba
7th March 1939 - Arrived Leghorn
7th March 1939 - Arrived Leghorn
11th March 1939 - Sailed Leghorn
11th March 1939 - Arrived Rapallo
17th March 1939 - Sailed Rapallo
18th March 1939 - Arrived St. Tropez
23rd March 1939 - Sailed St. Tropez
23rd March 1939 - Arrived Villefranche
5th April 1939 - Cdr. Harry Philip Currey, RN Assumed Command
6th April 1939 - Arrived San Remo
6th April 1939 - Sailed Villefranche
11th April 1939 - Sailed San Remo
13th April 1939 - Arrived Malta
13th May 1939 - Arroved Haifa
14th August 1939 - Arrived Alexandria
29th August 1939 - Arrived Haifa
6th September 1939 - Sailed Haifa
8th October 1939 - Sailed Gibraltar escorting Convoy Green 4
17th October 1939 - Arrived Port Said with Convoy Green 4
7th November 1939 - Sailed Malta for Gibraltar escorting Maidstone
10th November 1939 - Arrived Gibraltar
12th November 1939 - Sailed Gibraltar for England
4th December 1939 - Sailed Southend escorting Convoy OA.47
7th December 1939 - Detached from Convoy OA.47
10th December 1939 - Attacked a submarine contact 24 miles 145° from the Owers
21st December 1939 - Attacked a submarine contact 50-06N, 1-54W
22nd December 1939 - Sailed Southend escorting Convoy OA.58
25th December 1939 - Detached from Convoy OA.58
30th December 1939 - Escorted Convoy OG.13F
9th January 1940 - Joined Convoy HG.14F
15th January 1940 - Detached from Convoy HG.14F
18th January 1940 - Joined Convoy OG.15F
21st January 1940 - Attacked U.44 150 miles west of Oporto
22nd January 1940 - Joined Convoy HC.16F
23rd January 1940 - Arrived Gibraltar with Convoy OG.15F
27th January 1940 - Detached from Convoy HC.16F
9th February 1940 - Sailed Southampton escorting Convoy AXS.12
11th February 1940 - Arrived Brest with Convoy AXS.12
17th February 1940 - Attacked a contact southwest of Portland Bill
17th February 1940 - Sailed Liverpool escorting Convoy OB.93GF
18th February 1940 - Attacked a submarine contact south of Wolf Rock
19th February 1940 - Escorted Merged Convoy OG.19F
5th March 1940 - Off Beachy Head escorting Convoy HX.20
7th March 1940 - Sailed Southend escorting Convoy OA.105G
8th March 1940 - Attacked a submarine contact SW of Portland Bill
3rd October 1940 - Cdr. Bernard Jasper de St. Croix, RN Assumed Command
3rd October 1940 - Cdr. Harry Philip Currey, RN Relinquished Command
26th January 1941 - Cdr. Bernard Jasper de St. Croix, RN Relinquished Command
26th January 1941 - Lt. Stanley Gordon Rivers-Smith, RN Assumed Command
2nd October 1942 - Lt.Cdr. Hugh Day, RN Assumed Command
2nd October 1942 - Lt. Stanley Gordon Rivers-Smith, RN Relinquished Command
31st January 1944 - Lt.Cdr. Hugh Day, RN Relinquished Command
31st January 1944 - Lt.Cdr. Robert William Mayo, RN Assumed Command
July 1945 - Lt.Cdr. Robert William Mayo, RN Relinquished Command
16th December 1948 - Sold
December 1949 - Scrapped

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