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Italian Battleships 

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Regina Maria Pia Class
Duilio Class
Italia Class
R. di Lauria Class
Re Umberto Class
Saint Bon Class
Regina Margherita Class
Regina Elena
Dante Alighieri
Conte di Cavour
Andrea Doria
Vittorio Veneto

Stiamo ricercando fotografie e informazioni storiche riguardanti le navi da guerra. Se hai delle informazioni che vuoi condividere, incluse fotografie di queste navi o dei loro membri di equipaggio, puoi mandarcele a questo indirizzo:  mail@militaryart.freeserve.co.uk 

Italian battleships from 1890 to 1944. Each battleship has a dedicated page to the history of the ship and a naval enthusiast message board.

The Italian section of this website is still under construction, contributions gladly accepted. Thanks to Cristian Arezzini for the translation.

Name Launch Date Fate
Formidabile Class
Terribile 16th February 1861 Used for training and experiments. Scrapped c.1904
Formidabile 1st October 1861 Used as a training ship until scrapped c.1903.
Principe di Carignano Class
Principe di Carignano 15th September 1863 Scrapped c.1900.
Messina 20th December 1864 Scrapped c.1900.
Conte Verde 29th July 1867 Scrapped c.1900.
Re D'Italia Class
Re D'Italia 18th April 1863 Sunk on 20th July 1866.
Re Di Portogallo 29th August 1863 Scrapped c.1880.
Regina Maria Pia Class                View Class
Regina Maria Pia 28th April 1863 Scrapped sometime after 1904.
San Martino 21st September 1863 Scrapped sometime after 1904.
Castelfidardo 1st August 1863 Scrapped sometime after 1910.
Ancona 17th October 1864 Scrapped sometime after 1904.
Affondatore 3rd November 1865 Stricken 1907.
Roma Class
Roma 18th December 1865 Set on fire by lightning while acting as ammunition depot, she was scuttled to avoid explosion. Scrapped in 1896.
Venezia 21st January 1869 Scrapped in 1895.
Principe Amedeo Class
Principe Amedeo 15th January 1872 Involved in defence of Taranto in 1888. Used as ammunition depot until being scrapped in 1910.
Palestro 1871 Involved in the defence of La Maddalena and later became training ship at La Spezia. Scrapped 1902.
Duilio Class                     View Class
Duilio 8th May 1876 Hulked and used as a floating fuel tank in 1909.
Dandolo 10th July 1878 Scrapped sometime after 1920.
Italia Class                                  View Class
Italia 29th September 1880 Served as torpedo training ship in 1909/10. Involved in the defence of Taranto in 1914. Scrapped sometime after 1921.
Lepanto 17th March 1883 Used as gunnery training ship from 1902. Served as depot ship at La Spezia 1910-12. Scrapped on 27th March 1915.
Ruggiero di Lauria Class               View Class
Ruggiero di Lauria 9th August 1884 Used as floating oil depot at La Spezia until 1943, broken up in 1946.
Francesco Morosini 30th July 1885 Used as a target and sunk on 15th September 1909.
Andrea Doria 21st November 1885 Became floating battery during WW1, scrapped in 1929.
Re Umberto Class                         View Class
Re Umberto 17th October 1888 Used as depot ship in Genoa in 1912. Became floating battery during WW1. Scrapped after 1920.
Sicilia 6th July 1891 Became depot ship at Taranto and then as a repair ship. Scrapped after 1923.
Sardegna 20th September 1890 Scrapped after 1923.
Saint Bon Class                        View Class
Ammiraglio Di Saint Bon 29th April 1897 Removed form naval list 18th June 1920.
Emanuele Filiberto 29th September 1897 Removed from the naval list 29th March 1920.
Regina Margherita Class                                View Class
Benedetto Brin 7th November 1901 Blew up on 27th September 1915 at Brindisi.
Regina Margherita 30th May 1901 Sunk off Valona by mines laid by the German u-boat UC14 on 11th December 1916.
Regina Elena Class              View Class
Napoli 10th September 1905 Removed form naval list in 1926 and scrapped at Savona 1927-1928.
Regina Elena 11th June 1904 Laid up 16th February 1923.
Roma 21st April 1907 Laid up in September 1927 but was used as a harbour training ship until 1932.
Vittorio Emanuele 12th October 1904 Laid up 1st April 1923.
Dante Alighieri Class
Dante Alighieri 20th August 1910 Laid up 1st July 1928.
Cavour Class                             View Class
Conte Di Cavour 10th August 1911 Reconstructed and modernised from October 1933 until June 1937. Sunk by British torpedoes at Taranto on 12th November 1940. She was refloated and towed to Trieste and was rebuilt. Captured by the Germans on 10th September 1943 and sunk by bombs on 15th February 1945. Broken up 1947-52.
Giulio Cesare 15th October 1911 Reconstructed and modernised October 1933 to October 1937. Delivered to Russia in 1948 and renamed Novorossiisk, may either have been sunk or laid up in 1955.
Leonardo Da Vinci 14th October 1911 Blew up at Taranto on 2nd August 1916, re-floated in 1919 with plans for refitting but was eventually just sold for scrap 22nd March 1923.
Doria Class                              View Class
Andrea Doria 30th March 1913 Reconstructed and modernised between April 1937 and October 1940. She was removed form the naval list in November 1956.
Duilio 24th April 1913 Reconstructed and modernised between April 1937 and July 1940. Removed from the naval list 15th September 1956.
Caracciolo Class
Francesco Caracciolo 12th May 1920 Work was suspended in March 1916 and after launch the hull was sold 1920. No other ships of this class were launched.
Littorio Class                               View Class
Littorio 22nd August 1937 Took part at Taranto and was damaged. Renamed Italia after Mussolini was removed from power. Scrapped from 1948.
Roma 9th June 1940 Sunk on 9th September 1943 by German glider bombers.
Vittorio Veneto 2nd July 1937 Scrapped from 1948.

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Everything we obtain for this site is shown on the site, we do not have any more photos, crew lists or further information on any of the ships.


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