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HMS Anson 

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Battleship histories. Royal naval battleship HMS Anson. Battleship website dedicated to the history of HMS Anson from its launch to its participation in major wars also notice board for families of ex-crew of HMS Anson.

HMS Anson 1944 (sent in by Lee Markwell)

HMS Anson, was built by Swan Hunter, and launched on the 24th February 1940, She spent most of her time in the Home Fleet on Convoy Duty on the Murmansk Convoy Route. and was transferred to the Pacific Fleet.  On August 30th 1945  HMS Anson lead the task force, that liberated Hong Kong two days before the formal surrender ceremony in Tokyo.  HMS Anson was a Guard ship at Tokyo and saw duty off Australia from January to July 1946. she was scrapped at Faslane on the 17th December 1957.

HMS Anson at Portland, Summer 1950.  British Legion Outing. 

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HMS Anson 1945/46.  

Photograph has name of Able Seaman A Burroughs 547689.  Contributed by Susan Burroughs.

HMS Anson in the Far East, at the time of the Japanese surrender.  

Sent in by Tony Smith, whose father was on HMS Tyrian at this time.

Albert Burroughs, served on Anson 1945 / 46.

See message board.

Crossing the line party 1945. (photographs sent in by Lee Markwell)

Lee Markwell's granddad Basil Broom in Hong Kong 1944/5

Stanley Saunders (third from right) and others from HMS Anson.   See message board for details.

Sent in by his son.


HMS Anson.  Official Photo 10146

HMS Anson, Official Photo 10140  

“Anson 1942"

“Anson 1942"  

HMS Anson.  Official Photo 10148  

Photographs from the collection of V.A.E.G (“Bunny”) Hounsome  

Gordon Purslow with another crew member of HMS Anson.

Gordon Purslow was a stoker/mechanic and piloted the Royal Barge.

Commemorative card charting the Royal visit of HMS Anson to the Channel Islands, 21st - 24th June, 1949.

The Anson Times newspaper from 17th December 1945. From the papers of the late P.O. Peter James  Crocombe.  Thanks for the image.

HMS Anson - Sister ships of the King George V Class

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Naval Historians, Crew & Family Noticeboard


ALBERT BURROUGHS..   My late father able seaman Albert{Nobler}Burroughs 547689 served onboard HMS Anson 1945/6. I believe he was a gunner, and did a bit of boxing. I am not sure if he got his nickname in the navy or not. He did not talk much of his experiences. Any information about my father would be most welcome.  Contact Here

JOHN J SAUL   My name is Stella Kennedy and I am seeking anyone who Knew my Father,John Saul now deceased. He served as a chief petty officer on HMS Anson during world war two.(1941) contact 

ROBERT TERRY HENDERSON..  Hi all, I am looking for detail's about my father (Robert Terry Henderson 1926-1979). He served on HMS Anson during the 2nd World War. He passed away some time ago, when I was a young girl. Consequently I never had the chance to ask the questions about his life and family that now need answering. I know he was on board ship when the then Duke of Gloucester and he family were on board, because I have a couple of photo's with this infomation on the back. Other than that I know no more. If anyone has any information I would be very grateful. Debbie Henderson (Daughter)  Contact Here 

FREDERICK PERCY CHILDERHOUSE.   My father, Frederick Percy Childerhouse served on the HMS Anson throughout the war on the Russian convoys.  He was very proud of the ship but did not speak much of his experiences.  He died in 1981 but any surviving shipmates may wish to know what happened to him.  He became the owner and Managing Director of a refrigeration company travelling to Malmo Sweden on a weekly basis living in Chalfont St Peter, Buckinghamshire.  Contact here 

HENRY RUTTER.. My brother in law's father (Petty Officer Radio Operator Henry Rutter) served on the Anson during WWII.  Henry has now passed away and as he rarely spoke about his Naval Service.  His son would like to hear from anyone who knew Henry.  Henry was a Geordie and a former RNVR and would probably be better known as Harry Rutter. Contact Here 

MICHAEL WILCOCK.  My name is Michael Wilcock, and I'm an ex-Bootneck.  My father Arthur Wilcock, also a Bootneck served on HMS Anson during WW2, but he sadly passed away and I know very little of his time as a Ship's Marine.  I would very much like to hear from anyone who might have known him or if anyone can shed some light on any action the ship saw so I might get an idea of his time in the service.  I saw action in the Falklands which he was interested in but didn't talk about his time.  Please help if you can.  contact here 

DEREK MUNSON C/JX 315228..   I served aboard HMS Anson from June 1942 to June 1944, promoted to Leading Seaman in the early part of 1944.  I have many fond memories of life aboard her.  I also have several photos of the ship and members of the ships company if anyone would like copies.  I was in foc'sle division and was in mess 53.  We had several visits from ENSA Tommy Handley, Gracey fields, Flannagan & Allen, John Mills & Bernard Miles and just before D.Day General Montgomery came aboard.   If anyone who was on the ship during thise years I would be pleased to hear from them.   Derek Munson.   contact here 

ARTHUR HOUNSOME...  My name is Colin Hounsome, and my Grandfather, Arthur Hounsome, served on HMS Anson as one of the ships gunners throughout WW2.   Did anybody know him or who his friends were? Any help is much appreciated, I can be contacted at

GEOFFREY, KENNETH AND LESLIE GORF...  These are my mother's three brothers who all served together on the Anson during WW11.  I would love to receive any messages from anyone who knew them.  My mother has always wanted to know more about her older brothers' life at sea. My email is

My name is Tony Elliott, I was a Telegraphist on the Anson ,well remember taking the surrender in Hong Kong. spent my first christmas away from home their, after christmas we sailed for Tokyo ,what a surprise the place was . Had many happy times , especially Sydney the Aussies were really great to us, especially the girls.  Would like to hear from any old comms staff who re still around  contact here  

STANLEY SAUNDERS  My father Stanley Saunders served on the HMS Anson throughout the war,  I have enclosed a group photo (see above) in Malta 1945 Dad is third from the right, others in the group are M. Bromley, F. Phillips, B. Masters. R. Swindin.T. Widdowson. Does anyone remember my dad, I'd love to hear from you at -

My name is Tony Elliott, I was a telegraphist on the Anson from Feb/45 until she returned home from the Pacific in June 46. Remember going into Honkong and taking the surrender,the P.O.W.s visited the ship they were in very poor condition. When we were guardship in Tokyo bay, the Commonwealth Forces marched through the streets of Tokyo led by the bands of the Royal Marines and Argyle & Sutherland highlanders I don,t think the Japaneses or US troops had seen anything like it before, shall have to try and find photos.  Tony

TOMMY ENGLISH..  My father, Tommy English served on Anson during World War Two ending as Chief Petty Officer. There are some photographs of him on Buster Browns website, also there is his blue nose certificate. Do you know if there are any crew lists so I can find out more information about my father's time on the Anson.   David English 

LEONARD YEOMANS  My grandfather, Leonard Yeomans served on the Anson during WW2 and was anthem. He's still alive and living in Dagenham, Essex, UK.

JOHN SUTTON.. my wife's uncle, served on HMS Anson during WW2, and recently visted us from his home in Sydney. He would be interested to hear from anyone who remembers him, via me, Malcolm Crockford, on

ERNEST DOUGLAS CLIFFE.. My father was on HMS Anson during WW2. I would love to hear from anyone who knew my dad as we would like to record as much of dad's navy years as we can to pass down the family. Contact us at 

LEONARD ADLINGTON.. Leonard served on the Anson during WW2 and I would like to hear from anyone who remembers him. Contact me at 

JIM HOCKNEY.. My late uncle Jim served on the Anson in the early stages of WW2. Stuck in ice at Spitsbergen and involved in convoys is all I know. If anyone knew him or can give me more details I would be pleased to hear from you. Contact me at 

HAROLD BENSON.. My father, Harold, served on HMS Anson throughout the War. He is now deceased and I would love to hear from anyone who knew him. Contact me at 

DENNIS GOSS.. My father, now deceased, served on Anson as a Royal Marine during WW2, I would love to share thoughts and photos with any who knew him. Contact me at 

FRED BANGERT: Served on HMS Anson's first commission (Arctic Convoys, Stokers Mess no. 89) also second commission (Far East, Stokers mess No. 106) I would like to contact any Stokers that were in either of these mess decks. Contact me at 

JACK DALE.. My father, Jack, served on HMS Anson during WW2 He is now 82 and would like to know if there is a ships crew reunion and when it is. Any info contact me at 

PETER WILLIAM LEIGH (C/SMX850478)... My father was the ship's cook 1948-1949. Does anyone remember him or were they on board at the same time? contact 

ARTHUR LAPWOOD... My granddad was serving on HMS Anson as Chief Petty Officer during WW2 during the Icelandic convoys and in the South Pacific. Does anyone remember him? I would be glad to hear from you contact me at 

HARRY SHEERS.. My grandfather served on HMS Anson, on Russian convoys and in the Pacific. Does anyone remember him? contact .

JOHN READER...My father in law served on HMS Anson at the end of WWII. I would like to put him in touch with anyone who knew him, he was a fleetwood fisherman. Contact Steven Jones at 

JOHN (JACK) GORDON.. Sgt with B Troop 43 RM Commando, Cpl in 2nd Battalion and marine on HMS Anson. Any information to Jeff Gordon at 

PETER (GINGE) SUTCLIFFE... was on HMS Anson and William during WW2. He attended the reunion a couple of years ago at Portsmouth and would love to hear from any old shipmates.   email 

WILLIAM GEORGE BANNISTER. My Father served on HMS Anson from 1942 to 1945. he joined the ship in the Orkneys and was part of the protection for North Atlantic Convoys. He would love to hear from anybody who knows him. He can be contacted via his son. Keith Bannister at 

KEN (JOE) HAWKES: My late father served on HMS Anson from march 1945 to November 1947. I believe they did a tour of Australia during that time. I'm interested to hear from anyone who may remember my father or has photos of the crew at that time. Contact Philip Hawkes at  

JOHN DALE... How many of the crew are still in touch? And when is the next re - union ? Please let me know at